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Desonanz x Drugstore // Samuel Kerridge + Not Waving

13/10/2017 @ 23:00 - 14/10/2017 @ 06:00

Drugstore Belgrade is proud to announce our unholy alliance with Skopje’s notorious cult of audiosexual offenders – Desonanz Festival!
Working under this year’s Desonanz theme of “Aristocracy”, our musical offering consists of equal parts cake and guillotine, designed to entangle the headiest electronica fans with the sweatiest ravers in a marathon celebration of sonic hedonism under the concrete skies of our techno cathedral.

Presenting not one but two headlining artists whose works not only achieve mastery of their respective genres, but also possess a wild creative energy that smashes through genre tropes and cliches, bringing fresh sounds and ideas to the dancefloor.

(Downwards Records / BlueprintRecords / Contort Yourself)


Nuclear sonic arsenal, an artist that stands alone in the worlds of rhythm and noise. Each track is a visceral slab of power, aiming to deconstruct any pre conceived notions by means of a cross pollinated methodology.

(Diagonal Records)


Powerfull, yet playful militaristic dancefloor outtakes, infused with various influences on the EBM/Synthwave/Postpunk axis by the way of Powell’s UK-based Diagonal Records

>> BIG ROOM (Main Floor)

Samuel Kerridge (Downwards/Blueprint/Contort)
Filip Xavi (§)
Stevie Whisper (YES)
Andreas Hz (Dsnz)
Apostolski (Dsnz)

+ Visuals: Incredible Bob


>> DANK ZONE (Black Room)

Marko Rikaloski
dr. ogie

+ dark visual delights


>> Cast Matinee // Live from the bowels of Drugstore
(16:00 – 20:00 at www.desonanz.org)

kӣr (live)
A//O (live)
Vedis (live)
Marko Rikaloski (DJ set)
Asap as possible! (DJ set)

more info coming soon!


About Desonanz Festival

Desonanz is a Skopje-based arts and media festival with a decadelong reputation of crafting an exciting narrative that balances the progressive and subversive elements of contemporary culture, subcultre and counterculture. The mission of Desonanz is to uncover, map and promote all authentic expressions of music culture and art in society. By pushing the boundaries of collective aesthetics, Desonanz allows creative anomalies to light the way forward to the future and channel the fear of the unknown into a curious excitement of contemporary arts, culture and technology.

“Aristocracy” – The theme central to our 2017 efforts was chosen to highlight the eternal struggle of the concepts of Elitism vs Populism in contemporary art and music, by simultaneously deconstructing and transgressing established both cultural and aesthetic paradigms, while having tons of mad fun along the way.


TICKETS TBA // more info soon!


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13/10/2017 @ 23:00
14/10/2017 @ 06:00
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Drugstore Beograd
Bulevar Despota Stefana 115
Belgrade, Serbia